Flagellant Lyrics
"Within the Circle of Ouroboros"

Infinite vortex of the burning entity
Devouring the essence of time itself
Through the invertation of an enlightened age
Subversed under the stare from shrouded eyes
Glowing sphere of ineffable divinity
Sacrilegious unfolding revealing the void
A holy death that transcends even God
Its name remains untold by tongues blackened and blistered

Filtered through ages of consternating torture
Within an existence characterized by rotting decay
Forever spiralling towards an endless end
Witness the circle, Ouroboros complete
And cosmos ambulated by its venomous touch
The poison fangs dripping omnisciently fierce
Absorbed in the veins of universal will
Penetrating its way into the grace of the one

A godless hiatus in the continuum of s***e
Radiating with the death of a thousand souls
Embraced by tentacles of the unseeing eye
The very foundation of this world will tremble
Rise up from the depths of qliphothic pathways
Eternally extinguishing the life-giving light

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