Flashy Fragrant

"100 Bars of Crack"

100 BARS OF CRACK Lyrics by Flashy Fragrant
See I'm a m****f***in gangsta
A hundred bars of crack n****
Yeah, Flashy, yeah, yeah
See I'm a m****f***in gangsta
A hundred bars of crack n****
Yeah, yeah
Now when it comes to the flow I'm the best in the nation
For years now I sat back stressed and impatient
See I'm the real thing and ya'll just imitations
Flashy Ruff Ryders next generation
I brody blocks and hustle the worst corners
I'm the reason feds place city limits and search boarders
I'm the reason fiends smoke and dust heads thirst water
and why most of these artists got dropped first quarter (wooh!)
And yeah I stay on the strip and no I ain't got a minute
I'm in a rush I'm on my way to be rich
And I'm coming to the table with hits
Of course I'm on my job dogs
I'm on the same label as Kiss
I told n***** that I'm focused kid
And I let the sig soak your wig
or let the knife go and poke your ribs I'm what a soldier is
I cops heavy then I'm getting rid of the weight like Oprah did
n***** hate it when I drop the price
And f*** pay-per-view
I'm out in Vegas when I watch the fight
And my c**ture is the Hip Hop for life
And I don't catch writers block
I goes to the block to write
Top of the charts I'm comin' to see ya
'cause I'm lyrically sick and yeah the word play's runnin a fever
And my team stay dumping them heaters
they'll leave a shell in your top
And I ain't talking bout the front of addidas
I'm talking hollows baby we fast to dump
moxberg in ya mouth like a asthma pump (wooh!)
I'm goin' hard for this cash I want
that's why I'm bout to finish up like half my album in half a month
same time still supplying the kane
I treat the booth like I'm at the the firing range
bulls-eye the side of your brain
And yea they might as well name me the Hank Gathers of rap
'cause I'ma ball till I die in the game
these rap cats I'll leave 'em all disgraced
I'll have them all replaced
and yeah I expect them all to hate
and by the way I'm from the garden state
the same place we blow trees and rock tees with Bob Marley's face
and we don't watch ABC or NBC We strictly BET and smack DVD's
and all we do is hustle hard so we can spend these G's
and stretch c**e like a sample on a MPC
I got a whole lot to prove right now
Even though there's already a whole bunch of ya'll that tried to use my style (what?)
When it comes to using the tool I'm foul
I named my hammer Rakim it ain't no joke and it moves the crowd
And never mind how I make my wages
As long as God forgives I ain't gotta be a reverend like Mase is
I'm steady tryin face my cases
And keep Fifth focused in Camden where the murder rates outrages
'cause he that next n**** after me
And he'll punch you in the face right after me
See I can get a n**** clapped for free
And make it drug related sprinkle around like half a key
Don't pay attention what these gays may say
The games Double R's now it's no longer getting played they way (Ruff Ryders)
'cause they don't wanna see these AK's spray
And medics pullin them sheets over they head like the KKK
If we don't spray we givin cats buck fifty's
And I don't turn my back on my homies especially those who came up with me
I'm still the same flashy artist rap thing don't switch me
I'm still drinking the same yak blowin that same old sticky
And yeah I'm still runnin these streets on my same old grizzly
And even though he's dead and gone I still bang my Biggie
And even if I couldn't dress I ain't stay all jiggy
I'm still a flashy m****f**** in a plane old d***ie
d*** right I'm getting c***y now
It's just so many rap n***** runnin around with a copied style
And thats the reason why your stock goes down
And you gonna wind up having to live off your b**** like Bobby Brown
You see this Jersey villan will hurt your feelings
with the flow and the words he spilllin that's worth some millions
the word play is perfect serving its purpose
I guarantee when I finally surface I'll birth some children
Yeah n***** gonna be mc'in like Flashy but I'll understand
Every son wants to be like his daddy
They see the way I breeze in the caddy
my swagger lets you see that I'm savy
I'm dressed to impress Evisu's baggy
as far as labels go at least two had me
Before Ruff Ryders said he's too nasty
And they some gangsta n***** with genuine love
they signed me and my advance was a burner and gloves
I'm on another level used to be a troubled felon
mommy moved me to the 'burbs but I was to d*** f***** ghetto
And I was always stealing something from them f****** devils
'cause pops always used to tell me never trust them devils
And all my n***** got fight game
and they don't have feelings mufucka
you'll be thinkin they like pain
we living too fast for the right lane
And we don't need a beam or a scope
for us to shoot with a nice aim n****
We them supertroopers quick to put them rugers to you
and we gettin paper you could tell by how the crew maneuver
Dee saw the vision for me like he knew the future
Guaranteed me I'ma be a couple million unit mover
n***** know the reputation my camp holds
A hundred deep at the shows you how the camp roll
Worldwide respected all over the d*** globe
Ruff Ryders we all in these streets like man holes n****
And for those who think it's all a act
I'm goin hard till this cash stack is as tall as Shaq
See I'm the reason why these other rappers fallin' back
Flashy n**** this track's a wrap
A hundred bars of crack n****
See I'm a m****f***in gangsta
A hundred bars of crack n****
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