Francine Reed

"Wild Women Don't Get The Blues"

WILD WOMEN DON'T GET THE BLUES Lyrics by Francine Reed
You hear these women ragin' about
Their funky, funky, funky, funky, men.
They got some triflin' husbands.
Lord knows they got a
Lot of no good friends.
All these frettin' women sittin' around the house,
All day long,
And they are wondering
When their loving Papa is
Ever coming home.

Wild women never worry
Wiiiiild women
Never, never get the blues.

I got a sweet disposition
Gonna wear my very own
I ain't never gonna spend
No one lonely night at home all alone
I can go out,
Drink all the Courvoisier I can find,
Walk the streets all night,
And I can tell
Any man to go to hell
If the man don't know how to act right.

Wild women, we don't never worry
Wiiiiiiild women
Never, never get the blues.
You fellas ain't never gonna get nothin'
If you keep acting like an angel child.
Give it up tonight's a real, real, real good night
Y'all gotta learn how to get wild

Let me tell you one more thing
(Francine never tells a lie)
Wild women will be the first ones,
Lord, to learn how to fly.

Wild women never worry.
Wiiiiiild women
Don't never get the blues
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