"Last Will And Testament"

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Lyrics by Frustration
How much of a penance do I have to pay.
Stepping over bullshit every single day.
All I want is for these dark clouds to float away,
out of my head, out of my bed, out of my life.
Thats the only prayer that I know
Take this weight from me and leave my mind free to roam
(Grab respite from this endless mass and let my body sleep)
Because it feels like we're getting closer to a new dark age
Even in my dreams society itself has caved
I place no faith in religion, its overshadowed by pure rage
My strength and faith comes from my true friends
I'll stand with them until the last days

Long sleeps and short days buried inside this dark tomb
Lying still terrified of the outside
And yeah I'm ready for the dark winter days
No more fearing yesterday
Because the dissapointment can only stay for so long
Before you either wither like the leaves or move on
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