Fuego 77

"Be Mine"

BE MINE Lyrics by Fuego 77
Tell me that you will always be mine
tell me you'll never let to leave my side
it hurt me so to see you crying this way
when i promised to take your tears away
go on blind my crazy, crazy fear
as i get these tears away of tears
there is no need for you to sit and cry
when together our love can reach the sky

coro: tell me you'll be mine
you'll never leave my side
remember that first night
the night we fell in love

oh, girl why won't you tell me that you'll be mine
and never, never gonna leave my side
coz it should be, you should never leave me
i'll be the one to cry
if you ever to leave me
my mind and my body grow weak
coz i'm having you near
you make my life feel complete

pero negrita, tu sabes, que tu
tu eres mi adoración
por eso yo te quiero tanto
y te canto esta canciòn
i'll take you from far away
where no one can reach you
and there all them around you sun
we can start our lover new

oh, with your baby's eyes so brown
and with your lovely mouth
i'd like to stay with you
that you're too really to while
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