"The Plug"

THE PLUG Lyrics by G-Unit
[Hook x2: 50 Cent]
Ya n***** need straps, then get at me
I'm the plug
Well, if you need that, then get at me
I'm the plug
Dope, c**e, crack, then get at me
I'm the plug
Holla when you need it; my price you can't beat it
[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
We move the work like it's water
Stuff a [?] in your daughter
Cash flow like the Nile
I'm in that [?]
You to get it; I got it
If I ain't got it, I get it
Fill your spot up with product
I got that [?]
[?] price
f*** [?]
[?] a** [?] cause I'm
You b*** the bullet, I bang it
Get to bustin', it's nothin'
Wave it, blaze it
Hit the bullseye; I don't graze s***

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
AP around me lately
C-notes serenade me
The smell made me crazy
Product of the Eighties
Numero uno
[?] group ho
My [?]
They [?]
I found a loophole
I got a couple dimes from Panama
I make [?]
Run on me, I'm squeezin' like an anacon'
Then I'm gone
[Hook x2: 50 Cent]

[Verse 3: Tony Yayo]
I believe I was born to ball
Penetrate the p****, unless it smell like old tennis b****
I'm a rapper
I got a problem being punctual
To even think they on my level
Sports-Illustrated model all in my condo
Ice in the pot
In the trap, I'm Sir Mix-a-Lot
'Bout to spend a mill on a car lot
[Verse 4: Young Buck]
Streets dried up
Get tied up
n***** workin'
[?] don't call back
I'm a surgeon; I put s*** back together
I determined to bring my black MAC wherever
n***** lurkin'; this ain't the place to be
f*** a hit
n*****'ll blow up your face for free
Sunday sermon, preacher keep on facin' me
It's like every word he sayin' just relates to me

[Hook x2: 50 Cent]

[Verse 5: Kidd Kidd]
G-Unit gorilla
Cocaine [?]
50 grand cash to the car dealer
[?] quicker
Tap you on the shoulder like take this walk, n****
I fought every tall n****
Short temper
Tougher than leather cut from a different cloth, n****
You ain't a boss you can afford to pay the costs, n****
[?], n****
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