Glenn Kaiser Band

"My Backyard"

MY BACKYARD Lyrics by Glenn Kaiser Band
I live in Chicago
on a cement street
People can be friendly
or downright mean
Winos and call girls
the poor and refugees
It can get real interesting
Drive ya to your knees
Sometimes life ain't easy
It can be pretty hard
with the people
in my backyard
In my backyard

Old folks are lonely
Some people got AIDS
Some are just plain crazy
an' others full of rage
Young kid gang-bangin'
from a single parent
Gun in his pocket
sellin' crack on his cell phone
So many homeless
ain't got all their cards
That's the way it is
in my backyard
Oh, in my backyard
Suburban commuters
BMW or train
They come to get the money
a honey or cocaine
Some cops are crooked
Politicians on the take
Slumlords cuttin' deals
robbin' widows by the lake
Orphans on the street
family broken and charred
That's the way it is
in my backyard
In my backyard
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