"Provoking the Ritual of Death"

understood in the start of all endings,
i've wandered so far from this discipline
unease begins this climb to stellar thoughts,
causing this descent into cavernous neglect
carving these egyptians into flesh, for this d***ed access into the void
a white haze covers this perception, release me into the layers of this demise
open these channels of this self-murder,
the wish to deny the golden flight of skies
transcend into breathless expiration, upon the layers of this earthly prison

prying apart the skeleton that is the cage to the soul,
awaken from death as cage with teeth
wreckage of emotion crumbled in this hateful
obsession before this kiss of decay

reborn without an emotional bond
to be cast into a depth of souls
satisfied as i feed in c**tural habit
upon the buried trance of a savior
unseeing i fall into starless rituals,
in this defiance the decay is born
growling hunger of eternal rest,
spreading like a virus of ravenous wolves

absolute in confines of breathless domains,
peeling off this skin to shed this essence of shame
exposing the truths behind this eminent return
that has been bred in burning earth

without worth i climb
lost to this darkness, emerging from black
hallowing these souls that have defied this cryptic heart of wrath
all will be burnt
all will be lost
as this veil of blood will pour from the skies
washed of all that is pure

be the tool that defiles
that carves the awareness from fragile minds
burn out the sky
black out my eyes
unwrought vision for this sick design

destroyed the emotion of the heart to
conquer this place of death
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