Keep It Movin' Lyrics

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[Khadijah Mohammed & (Grand Puba)]
Oh (Yeah) ooh ooh ooh ooh
(Come on) come on (Uh) ooh ooh
(Grand Puba, huh) ooh (Lord Jamar huh) ooh
(Khadijah huh) ooh ooh (Daty X)
[Chorus: Khadijah]
How far would you still feel me if I didn't make these hits
Couldn't get you what you're used to sipping Cris and taking trips
Would you still be in my corner or be on some other s***
But if so, then I don't need you so let's keep it moving b****

[Grand Puba]
Uh, everything love long as paper keep stackin'
Kisses and hugs on some lovie dove s***
n***** on the grind cause we keep you smilin'
Paper get low you get on some other s***
I know ya whole style, whole style
Ya got a lot of bullshit behind that smile
Ya main concern is bling, mink, and crocodile
No love for n***** who don't make the paper pile
I feel ya, feel ya
Style been all good from the giddy up, from giddy up
Nights on the town used to live it up, used live it up
Joints blaze in the trunk used to beat it up, used to beat it up
Wrappin' hundred dollars bills in my homeless cup
Next day 5th Ave. shoppin' Gucci bag coppin'
Paper stopped droppin' attitudes started flip-floppin'
No worry bounce the bird in a hurry
Little did she know my setback was temporary

[Sadat X]
We can play home
As long as you can play with the dome
A cold killer, drink a cold can of Miller
Turn me off black than a Mike J. thriller
Now we all alone, body is bomb
a** much fatter, what the f*** is the matter
Always talkin' s*** about all of these n*****
All these n***** tryin' to seize these figures
Ridin' in the two-seater, ridin' with the heater
If I meet her tonight, can I beat
Do it taste sweet, would I really eat...Bon appetite
Is it facts or fake
Me and old girl could always swing
But why every time got to be on me
Cause y'all b****** know that s*** is free
Now I'm back in the streets before 10:30
Gotta take a shower, can't leave my d*** dirty

[Lord Jamar]
Now when a n**** had money, you was there
Funny how every time I turned around, you was there
When it was time to get your hair, your nails and your gear
But at my court date, you failed to appear
For my case on appeals, it took over a year
In that time, a n**** didn't see nor hear
Got to the point, there was no respect at all
I was shocked when you did not collect my call
Spent nights in my cell just beatin' my d***
Thinkin' bout, how we used to f*** and s***
I took you out, bought cha' a** a bunch of s***
When I get out
I'm gonna f*****' punch this b**** right in her mouth
Cause she don't understand the rules
You don't b*** the man that dipped your hand in jewels
You were there when I bought the rock that blinded you
Now a n**** locked and I can't find you


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