Scarecrow Lyrics

Too many animals, too many collapse before their time homie that's sad
Stay aware homie, I pour some ink. Barbarism, I write, I sum up in a landscape hooked by a slipstream of tears and blood.
Human, yeah, so called friend but fake to love them, jerk off, ceapon in hand
Dance at the gun dealer, drawing the fate of his feast, hey you
Don't come to test me through the CD. I'm the one to smoke you b****** poacher.
Poacher, if you had known I'm gonna, if I catch you, slash your arms
Knock you up and down, kickboxing you, feeding the sharks or the hyenas in the savannah, that fits the same !
You b****, freshened up, togged up, one hundred per cent b******ly filled.
Fashion show, disguised, sponsored hunter, turn the coat rather than occulting the slaughtered. No joke stopping is sacred, those oceanic bleeding harpoons maximum overkill enough thrill, writing, moving on up stop it shouts out to WWF...
Meat hook, what the f*** !
So much baby seals, stocked secretary's coat cut out to bottom, well sized up, signed by tormentor.
Don't keep under silence, feelingless, dismembering alive hundreds of endangered species.
It gets usual and the more I know man the more I love my cat.

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