Hawksley Workman

"In My Blood"

IN MY BLOOD Lyrics by Hawksley Workman
I know that they're out there baby
I know that they'll find me baby
I know that the broken time's passed me by
I know that sun will outrun me
I hear the ocean in a tired blue seashell
Near the ocean in a fired up bee's nest
This time the thrill won't gas me
Spit shine in puddle shoe splash me
Cigarettes on a megaphone freeway
And the strains that'll give you up easy
Gas mask and a yellow dirt storm cloud
Hollow cars with the stereo so loud

I kiss you sweetly and then someone dies somewhere
I kiss you and see the heat we both share
Toothbrush scrub a motor home bathtub
Lipstick makes you f*** like a disaster
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