Heavy Bones

"Your Love Won't Let Me Down"

YOUR LOVE WON'T LET ME DOWN Lyrics by Heavy Bones
"...grand and a bit h****..."

Raised my head as a child
Opened my eyes to the world outside
With faith instilled by the fear of God
I'm holdin' on, holdin' Lord help me
You're a sin hangin' ripe like
fruit on the vine
Yeah - so ripe no man could ever say no
Then came the night you laid down
Laid down on me

Your love won't let me down, no
Your love won't let me down,...yeah
Time won't tell your secrets
Deep down, deep down in your soul
Had I been the lonely fool in Eden
I would have gave another rib for a woman
A woman like you

There's no sacrifice too great a price
To hold you-hold your love so close
Now looking through the eyes
of a man I see
l*** turned to love...and salvation

Your love won't let me down, no
No your love won't let me clown

Won't let me down
Let me down
Your love, your love, won't let me down
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