Ice Cube

"Cash Over a**"

CASH OVER A** Lyrics by Ice Cube
Whats up Cube dog?
I got this b****-a** n**** right here
Ya know, f*****' with this tramp-a** b****
Puttin' her before the scrill' all the time, ya know what I'm sayin?
Man I got this n**** transcripts, and every-mother-f*****' thing
Tellin' this b**** all my mother-f*****' business
Puttin' a** over cash everyday
n**** f*** that, this West side
Be gone you f*****' peon, got the Don furious
Talkin' on the phone got the Federal curious
I'm serious! I don't give a f*** where he is
s***** him out the factory, bring his a** back to me
How the f*** you think I got the name Bossalini? Punk
Mack God Rap Genie, you can't see me
Up in this game ever since you was a lame
Y'all train at my school, n**** I rule
You never make me holla, smokin' on a fifteen dollar
From across the water, watch your daughter
She might catch the Holy Ghost from this rap sermon
While you vermin smokin' Sherman, I'm rollin' somethin' German, b****
Money earnin' makin' mo' money (ching ching)
Enemies look so funny, with they clothes b**my
Don't need no honey, that's right
Cause I'm thinkin with my big head, f*** what my d*** said!

We puttin' cash over a**, each and every day
Go on let the players play (the hustlers)
(We some money makin' m************, I know that you love us!)
We puttin' cash over a**, each and every day
Go on let the players play (the hustlers)
(We some money makin' m************, I know that you love us!)
Now who's that n**** got these b****** lookin' silly? Me!
I'm the Big Willie for rilly, the real dilly
You can ask Phillie cause I got a year's supply (Yup!)
You must want to die, don't get the lye
After dark up at Griffith Park, shallow grave
For the mark check his heart, the game about to start
Big things automatic pu-tang (automatic)
Keep your mind off them b******, eyes on your riches
If it twitches give it stitches
If it jiggles or switches, f*** and take pictures, now
I'm livin' in a two-point zone, and I'm still b**pin'
Call me in the clutch, ain't lost my touch
n**** what? on the microphone
If I drove it in the video, b****, I can drive it home
Tight as a Corleone
You got to get your own, baby get on, now


Get your a** up and go to work, cause you know
On payday, n**** that s*** gon' hurt
f*****' with a skirt instead of handlin' your bizness
Rich dude, now you got to make three wishes
I'm suspicious, of any m*********** puttin' f*** over finance
'Specially f***** up my plans
I'm the boss, I can be late
But you'll never see her and me, over currency
Givin you the third degree, cause you got
Too many broke b****** and you like bankin' for a penny
Stop f*****' on them dumb-dums
Find one with some a** and some income
Who want to win? Who want to spin?
Who want to make, twenty-five eight? Me
Ice Cube the great, pushin' rhymes like weight
[Chorus: x2]

Never put that hoe, in front of that dough n****
For what? (Never, f*** a b**** n****)
For what? She ain't gon' love you if you ain't got no dough fool
(b**** f*****' with me got to be workin', gettin' paid ya know what I'm sayin'?)
Gotta come up, scrilla scrilla y'all (Never a** over cash n****)
Scrilla scrilla why'all (We greedy)
Cha-ching! (She can get some CD's, push some keys)
Cha-ching! (Ha ha ha, make the b****** shake they t**-ties)
Cha-ching, cha-ching! (Over my knee)
Cha-ching, cha-ching! (Never a** over cash)
Never a** over cash
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