In Dread Response

"Black Soterion"

BLACK SOTERION Lyrics by In Dread Response
Unto thee a farewell, I speak in vain
Take flight I must, to the emptying place
Where forgotten ones wander and saviours escape
Ego-rituals vanquished by the knights of disdain
Empires forsake in circles of dust
Ruins not worth pecking at for riches nor for loot
As the adverse effect to the Midas touch
Kenosis received by the world-serpent's drains
Into wishless crypts, where all hope has been slain
Remember me as pain
Remember me as war
Remember me as futility
Writhing in bloodsoil...

I am the winds of devastation, on these infected plains
I am the rain of a thousand tears, shed with dead innocents
I am the crown of victory buried with the bones
Lost amidst shrapnel in empty fields.
Remember me!
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