Jack The Ripper

"From My Veins to the Sea"

FROM MY VEINS TO THE SEA Lyrics by Jack The Ripper
Look at my face, it's an old book
Lord, it's not a poem it's... full of lines
You have to go in...
Someone should have told you
How much you love

In my Summertime
Go to your Smmerland
I had everything I needed
To commit suicide
I put my trust in you
On the long way to Hell

Why don't you hold me in your arms
So I never lose control ?
You're not exactly what you seemed
You're just a dream

I had everything I needed
To commit suicide
Sometimes Adam and Eve
Felt sad in your Summerland

Should I be drunk by the jetty
As the wind whispers
"Are you ready ?
Are you proud ?"
My b***** Mary
My b***** guide
I can hear the cruel sea
Kissing, spitting or whatever
It's calling on, it's calling fear
"You'd better be something
When you go inside me"
I see it now
The sea I'll be
I see it come
The sea I'll drink
So I have drunk the tears she left
And I have drowned
Made the first step, played the fifth act
Move on, move back
Don't think, don't try...
Go ahead ! Go ahead !
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