JB And The Moonshine Band

"Love Don't Let You Decide"

LOVE DON'T LET YOU DECIDE Lyrics by JB And The Moonshine Band
This is gonna hurt
This is gonna sting a little bit
Them sticks and stones, No they ain't got nothin on this here
See it wouldn't be right to keep leading you on, so I'm setting you free
I'm letting you go I just want you to know, that it ain't up to me
Cause love don't let you decide, you can't feel what isn't inside
When I told you forever, I didn't know that I lied.
Love don't let you decide
Honey i ain't cold, Baby i'm just trying to keep it real
And truth be told, surely you've been feeling what I feel
It's too easy to see it's too hard to deny that this fire is gone
No there ain't nothin left, so quit blaming yourself
Cause you ain't done nothin wrong (Chorus)

Now I'm holding you tight, and it's breaking my heart just letting you cry
We've gotta let go, there's nothing to hold, no matter how hard we try.
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