Jedd Hughes

"I'm your man"

I'M YOUR MAN Lyrics by Jedd Hughes
Written by Jedd Hughes, Terry McBridge and Josh Leo
I'm hearin' voices
Telling me this time it's true
But I've got no choice in
What my heart is gonna do
Fallin', never thought I would
Fallin', never thought it'd feel this good
Every touch
Every kiss
Every look I can't resist
It's takin' me
To where I've never been
I'm lettin' go
Crossin' the line
Out of control
Out of my mind
If this is love
Baby, I'm your man
I'm seein' visions
Of a future for you and me
I've made my decision
I'm yours forever eternally
Fallin' harder every day
Fallin' more in every way
Repeat [Chorus:]
Fallin' over the top
Fallin', honey, I don't want to stop

Repeat [Chorus:]

Oh, if this is love
Baby, I'm your man
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