If I Had Only Lyrics

IF I HAD ONLY Lyrics by Jeremy Warmsley
i've seen the future in the eyes of the children
kicking the s*** out of the sweet machine
that stood outside the shop
where i bought myself a bottle
to remind myself of all the things i feel i haven't got
and i guess this must be how my brother felt
when he left this place for a country that's insane
and i would have said something yes i would've said some thing oh i would've said something
if i had only
if i had only
i've seen the future at the bottom of a bottle
that's emptied itself a little faster than i've planned and on the inside of the label
there's a motto that says
i'm the fat face of disaster stand your ground
and i've tried to go where it tells me
but i just ended up where i started once again
and i would've turned around
yes i would've turned around
oh i would've turned around
if i had only
if i had only
i've seen the future being piped in through my window
it's a river of s*** and i'm drowning in it
and youth is a comfort sometimes
i tried to look away but the images draw me in
and i may not have a big heart but it's honest
and i listen to the words of men wiser than me
i would've taken it in
yes i would've taken it in
oh i would've taken it in
if i had only
if i had only
thought of something to say
given up before before i started to care
thought of something anything at a a all
i've seen the future kneeling down
in the church giving spiritual head to
a man that never rose from the dead
i've seen the future strapping bombs around her waist
giving up and going home and lying on my single bed
i've seen the future driving down my street
yelling in to a plastic toy
that he thinks is plugged in
i would've stepped aside
yes i would've stepped aside
oh i would've stepped aside
if i had only
if i had only
if i had only
if i had oooooonly
if i had oooonlyyyyyyy

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