Johnny Crash Lyrics
"Baby's Like a Piano"

BABY'S LIKE A PIANO Lyrics by Johnny Crash
"Ah yeah
You know what I'm talkin' about baby yeah
Bunch o crazy young white boys playin' the blues
That's us"
I'm a bad man baby
With dog dirt on my shoes
You give me the shakes now honey
Here's a dose of the blues

The jukebox call me mama
In the morning I'll be gone

"You know what I'm sayin' baby
C'mon, ah yeah"
Barroom brawls and boogie
From New Orleans to Maine
Watcha tryin' to do now baby
Drive those boys inside

The jailbaits on my right side
And the jailhouse to my left
My baby's like a piano
When she ain't upright
She's grand
You know everybody loves her
Even me and my boys in the band


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