Jughead S Revenge


RED Lyrics by Jughead S Revenge
I'd have to talk all night to explain
And tell you why 'cause this ain't no game
Look at my world you see it's cold colored red
I'd have you here just instead
I close my eyes and see your face in my head
Until all my fears are dead
Hold it close to me
The thought of not having to be burned again
Left a load of good fortune on the bus somewhere in life
Now I see what I've missed out on in my own little fight
I'd have to talk all night to explain
And tell you why because this ain't no game
Look in my world you see the scars on my life
Can you heal me tonight?
I close my ears and your voice in my head
Until my fears are all dead
Try to confront me
From the thought of being alone again
Thought I knew what I had found
So I tried to settle down
Just to make you happy
Then my world became a box
I felt trapped
I knew this wasn't me
Far away from home
On a station all alone
And I think of you
All the times we had
I'll hope you understand
That I did what I had to
It's not that I don't care
I'm just not ready for love
I had to hide my life
Before I decide what I want
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