"President K"

PRESIDENT K Lyrics by K-Rino
Were standing here live in front of Wings N Wings here in Third Ward
Where local rapper K-Rhino will be holding a president run to announce his candidacy
The president of the United States
Let's go in and see what he has to say
[Verse 1:]
"K-Rino if you were president, what would you do? "
I'd make a national holiday and dedicate it to Screw
Throw a major concert at my argonal speech
And block parties at the Whitehouse every two or three weeks
Do the same thing on the inside whenever the winter comes
And spray South Park Coalition on top of the Pentagon
I'm a beautify these ghettos and clean up the streets
"What's your campaign slogan? " You don't hustle, you don't eat
I won't need no super sermon just by gangsta committee
"Who's gonna be your first lady? " I'll have one in every city
I ain't goin have no vice-president, I'm a run it without her
"And what about Osama Bin Laden? " (laughs) what about him?
All the homeboys on lock well I might as well tell
I'm a let the inmates out and put the police in jail
And boys won't have to sell dope no more they'll get what they need
And please no more questions asking if I'm a legalized weed

[Hook: x2]
I'm bout to be the president straight out the hood
Ain't no fronting or no lying if I say it it's good
I'm a get this thang popping like it's supposed to be
You wanna G up in the Whitehouse then vote for me
[Verse 2:]
"Can you address the deficit? " Huh, well how can I say it?
I ain't the one who built it up, so don't expect me to pay it
"What if the economy slips down and we hit hard times? "
I'm a take this suit off hit the streets and get on my grind
And I suggest y'all do the same be glad I told it to y'all scrubs
I ain't goin change, I'm a still be at the holding-the-wall club
"What about this picture of you scene at a known strip joint? "
Let me see that, yeah that's me aight, okay what's your point?
I'm a meet with Middle East Leaders till all the problems get cleared
Give em ten of my albums that'll give us all for the next ten years
Meet with Congress, in a white T warm-ups and tennis
And pull up to the U.N. and slab b**ping on twenties
We in the Whitehouse mobbing laying on sliver satin
And members of my Cabinet in the local office playing Madden
Address the nation with a girl on stage holding a gage
And still got pictures of fine woman on my MySpace page
[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
"Is there a plan for the homeless situation in affect? "
Yeah, every Payday we goin take a dollar from everybody's check
So if a million people got jobs and the city is beat
We can put the homeless on feet that's a million a week
Before I go on any further, I just like to state
That I apologize for slapping my opponent's on last week's debate
But he was running ya boy hot, try'na bring up advice
And asking me about unemployment taxes and gas prices
I'm a straighten all that out man, just give me some time
I'm a be the first president with his own clothing line
I'm a wipe out welfare, and put it under the dirt
If you can run the streets and party you lay yo a** to work
And any beef betweens nations, this is what'll be done
We'll let the leaders of both countries fight, one on one
So vote for ya boy, and we goin make love not war
I can be no words to these b******s we done have so far

[Hook x2]

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