Rings of Saturn Lyrics

RINGS OF SATURN Lyrics by Kayak
When the city's fallen silent
Giving way to different dreams
About time and s***e before you and I were here
Noise of cars and trains subsiding
And surrounding lights grow dim
In my looking glass an image's getting clear

Every night I'm watching you
Every night I'm touching you
Investigate your soul
Completely in control

From the moon to the rings of Saturn
From the sun to the poles of Mars
Through the stormclouds that cover Venus
To the distance between the stars
I can see far beyond Orion
Measure worlds that are cold and dark
To ignore all the laws of science
Travel lightyears to your heart

In a place subject to gravity
Relativity and time
It's so easy to get lost along the way
You're my universal theory
You're my poetry, my rhyme
From the early hours till the dawning day

Every night I'm holding you
Caressing and unfolding you
But all I ever find
Is the mirror of my mind

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