Keith Harling

"Walkin' Away"

WALKIN' AWAY Lyrics by Keith Harling
Long leges stepped out of the car
And walked across the floor to the bar
I turned my head, didn't want her to see
The way her walk was affecting me
The bartender said you'd better think twice
She's not the kind of girl your momma would like
Don't waste your time, just walk on by
She'll just walk away and leave you high and dry
Cause she's got a way of walkin that could make agrown man cry
She's got a way of talkin that could make you believe her lies
Oh she could get away with murder
Took my heart and didn't leave a trace
She's got a way of walkin, walkin away
A young boy, barely twenty-four
I'd never been in love before
She took the lead right from the start
And led me up to the leavin part
Now she's gone, but I'm alright
I wonder where she's walkin tonight
She's always there in the back of my mind
I'd love to see her walk in here tonight
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