Kelly Joe Phelps

"Wandering Away"

WANDERING AWAY Lyrics by Kelly Joe Phelps
have a glass of whiskey with another friend
that has nowhere to be
get my feet on the road they feel much better there
gonna stop trying some day some year
I meant it when I told her I loved her and I did
and I meant when I said goodbye
grabbed my suitcase and my kid
we'll find another place to call home for a while
oh I get to itching I don't know why

wandering away

the grey is coming the wrinkles aren't far behind
more nights than not I think this is the one where I lose my mind
maybe I can get it right this time
maybe I can stay up most of tonight
cause I don't want to see her come at me again reaching for my neck
wandering away

all these broken promises in a s*****x full of bones
lie behind the crows feet eyes of anyone
better when they roam
whatever happens then falls under the wheel
dancing to a fiddle tune with the devil on my heel
wandering away

my knees are wobbly my back keeps going out
try to sing like a bird but all I can do is mumble and shout and moan
wake up to another d*** day
wish I was magic I'd make it go away
last night in a dream I saw her again I tried to scream but couldn't

wandering away
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