The Musk Ox Lyrics

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Sometimes it's interesting to observe the etiology of certain human behaviors. Envy; desire; pride; shame; and depression. Cause and effect; one giant search for approval that seems to always fall short. Become, then deconstruct. You can't put a discount price tag on history and expect a connection; and I won't hand it over to you on a silver platter. This is a rather meaningless rental of an expired life phase, taking for granted all that creates foundation. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Inevitable failure and withdrawal, welcome a new crutch. It has happened before, it will happen again. This hide is thick and will see another day. Withstanding the test of time is the only statement necessary. Many a face will change, but the musk ox will remain. Overstatements become reality. Lifecycles haven't the depth they once held; lost dried up wells. Trends and fads fade and die breathing life to the new; a sad cycle refurbished by innovators and consumed by the easily persuaded.
Ninety thousand years with only humanity to blame.
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