Kerry Livgren


TONIGHT Lyrics by Kerry Livgren
I'm living on the edge and feeling so confused
I'm like a song without a key
A lamp is shining on a path beneath my feet
Life is taking hold of me
But something is happening now (I want to see it)
And nothing will be the same (never gonna be the same)

And nothing will ever be quite the same
I'm slipping away, I can't step in halfway
The moment is here and now
I want to do it tonight, I want to know you tonight
(Now) I'm too tired to fight
I want to gain what I'll never lose Tonight,
I've got to go all the way
I don't care what they say
All that is mine is yours tonight
I thought I felt you moving close to me
In the silence of a dream
I heard you speaking in a voice I never knew
Like the waters of a stream

Flowing into my life (I want to feel it)
Setting my heart aflame (setting my heart aflame)

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