"The Bereaved"

THE BEREAVED Lyrics by Khemmis
As I burned one
Through smoke-lit eyes
I pushed too far past a glorious high
Into a void
Devoid of light
I lost control of muscle and mind
And so I stepped
Close to the edge
My mandible broken on the end of a night
Succumbing to shock
I clung to my life
Just as my tongue was hanging agape to my eyes
And so I fell
Into the night
Psilocybin dreams
Claiming my mind
Into a void
There is no savior
Where is my life? Where is my darling now?

Became lost from s***e and time
And you were scared
You saw my bloodied body
Your greatest fear
Had been fully realized
I wasn't there
Both of us saw the end
And I wasn't dead
No, I still had life
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