King Bee

"Back My Dope Demand"

BACK MY DOPE DEMAND Lyrics by King Bee
Back by dope demand

Cool I must be through the phone as though a heart of stone, like nothing ever known
Freezin' off the microphone, like nothing ever shown
The very tone I feel I kill, and then I chill still
If you know what is left is what I like, if you don't agree, 'zyke'
Cos I ain't got time to play with you, there are other things I have to do
I could let you do with my picture, but I rather manufacture posse
So like me for what I am, for all the rest I don't give a d***
I wanna be for real for what it's worth, I wanna be down in gearin'
What I feel inside, not the things that money buys
I'll play for keep but I'll play, right, that's why I just stand and fight
So all you played actors and fakes, let me show you what it takes
I'm just one of a two men band and we're back by dope demand

Back by dope demand x 4

Goin' back cos when I'm on track we're gonna dance some party hard, yeah
Cos I'm dealin' and feelin', so wheel in and feel in, you can touch this feeling, yes
Cos the rhythm takes your soul, makes you loose control, so
If you've got second thoughts you betta pack, cos time is what I lack
Time to make you see, I'm not doing this for me, this is all for you so help me out
Get down and shout; yo!
Yes the rest is up to you, it ain't hard just try to do
What you do best when you hear me go, on the doper's flow, Joe
I won't settle for any less, do your best but I must confess
I am the type so hard to please I ill, like a cold disease
So move your body from left to right, if you can't, stay out of sight
If you can, come on, take a stand, cos we're back by dope demand
Back by dope demand x 4

Gettin' low, feelin' high, like you're gonna fly, into the sky over the top
Till the music drops, you know what I mean, that feeling, hard to stop feeling
Just to show who the hell you are dealing with
It's the man with the mastermind, one in a zillion, hard to find

Fusin' with a hard to beat track, sting with the bee so I never look back
f****** up that's a vigorous speech, meaning the opposite's outta reach
Right you' all, that's what I'm saying, the cuts and even the words I'm just playin'
The rhyme, the lyrics, all start to dance, we're back by dope demand

Back by dope demand x 8

Back by dope demand
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