MEMORIES Lyrics by Krystl
Remember how it used to be, when I was a little me,
Back when everything was so carefree
Back when puddles of rain, could easily entertain me all day
Painted my days with the games I played
I know the leaves of those days have fallen and the endless skies have disappeared
I no longer hear my mama calling
And the puddles dried up, still it fills me right up
When they reappear oh, oh, oh

It brings back memories, now put 'm in a melody
Play it back to me, turn it up, at will
All those memories are bringing out the past in me
Play it back to me, turn it up, turn it up, at will
Turn the page of history, laugh at the portraits of family
Faded pictures can't believ, I seriously wore those jeans
I remember holidays and staying up late on a sturday
Life was served on a silver plate

Open up my hands and I count my blessings
So thankful for all the things we shared
I gladly carry my baggage
So whereever I go, it reminds me of what I have

Oh lord, I don't mind
Going back in time every once in a while
So let's go to back in the day
every time I do it brings a smile upon my face
it started 20 some years ago, in 83 when I was born ,
Before we know it we're all grown!

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