Kuh Ledesma


HELLO Lyrics by Kuh Ledesma
You haven't changed at all
You still have that same look in your eyes
And when you smiled
I felt my heart beating fast
And I knew right there and then
Something that I thought was gone came back
After all these years I realized
That I still deeply care for you

I've waited long for this
It's been some time since we last said goodbye
But who's to blame
We've got so much to explain
But I can't find the words to say
I can't even look straight in your eyes
Now you're standing there before me
And all we said was just 'Hello'
Now I find myself staring into empty s***e
Trying to remember all our happy days
It was good to see you but I'm suddenly afraid
To find myself in love with you again
That's all that I could say
But deep inside there's so much you should know
One thing is sure
I never really stopped loving you
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