Laura Nyro

"Don't Hurt Child"

DON'T HURT CHILD Lyrics by Laura Nyro
Don?t hurt, child, I know you do. I was young and wild, once too.
Let the summer storm clear the sky when you cry.

Don?t hurt, child. You need to find your way in the madness of the day.
And if it don?t break you, it will be your song.
May the love that we know keep us strong, don?t hurt, child.
Baby comes into the world in a veil of divine love, gets caught up in thunder and rain.
What were you dreaming of? Don?t don?t hurt, child.
I took my stand but the key is in your hand. Heal your wing and fly.
May the love that you know get you by. Don?t hurt, my baby child.
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