Les Claypool

"Mushroom Men"

MUSHROOM MEN Lyrics by Les Claypool
you may see horses try to fly
a dog with perrywinkle eyes
but peppered earth with chunks of sky
now there's a sight worth seeing
when soot gets moist, when the dew it flows
the fungus spores they start to show
and if you're sharp and in the (?) Dough/know
you may spy a different being

m-m-m-m-mushroom men

I lean my head on the window plane
Stare out cross-eyed through the rain
I know the (?) is an awful strain
I think I seen a mushroom man
M-m-m-m mushroom men

Boletes, boletes
I'm looking for boletes
Boletes, boletes
I'm looking for boletes
Boletes, boletes
Watch out for amanitas

Look out for amanitas!
m-m-m-m-m-m mushroom men

be it seven suns or seven trout
they came to see what throbbed your doubt
the fungi heads they pranced about

m-m-m-m-m mushroom men

Now when Mary Dose and Dosey Dose
And Jackalopes eats bacon
It's time to get your glasses checked
'Cause surely your mistaken
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