Lil Wayne Feat Omarion

"I Get It In"

I GET IT IN Lyrics by Lil Wayne Feat Omarion
Lil Wayne Ft Omarion - I Get It In Lyrics

I get it
I get it
I get it
I get it
I get it In
[Lil Wayne]
Uh, fresh out my Bugatti, Polo on my body
I"m jumpin" in this s*** like a pogo on her body
So she come and talk to me like Casey, JoJo, and Devante
I say hi my name is Weezy and I know you know Omarion
Haha, I get it in like parking spots
And they say money talk, so don"t ask me why I talk a lot
Girl I"ll kiss your softest spot, I"ll buy your apartment out
Actually I just bought a house, I get it in and walk "em out
I done got the dreads braided up, hair long long
And I"m with a redbone, that don"t want leave her thong on
It"s too big, it"s too wide, it wont fit
But I get it in
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