Little Dead Bertha

"Frosties War"

FROSTIES WAR Lyrics by Little Dead Bertha
Cold- of gloomy reign
In my soul- it's all retain

When the icy Knights a fight i know,
Transparent blood don't paint the snow
Despair, dismay and sense of loss
Decrease of force
Ever, rest and silence
Ever, voice of violence
Fever, killing me
Never, not be free
The force of wind and rage of storm
Inspire the doubt and crazy turn
Remain of life and sense of pain
The endless might of gloomy reign

I feel the cold of ice
When heart is die away
White snow and frozen light
And night long for regain your shades

I want destroy it's real and everybody sign
My resistance still exist and never die
I believe in dreams my force appeal the hate
I continue sink in the river of my fat
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