Madam X

"Stand Up and Fight"

STAND UP AND FIGHT Lyrics by Madam X
Nothin Gets Me Mad Like This
I See It All The Time
Always Try To Make You Turn It Down
Remember Us A Iron Fist
You Got To Know Your Rights
Don't Ever,Ever Let Them Put You Down
Hard Rocker,Heart Stopper
Stand Up & Fight For Your
Rock 'N' Roll Rights
Hard Rocker
We've Been Pushed Around For Years & Years
Do You Have To Act Like This
Always Tryin' To Make You Look The Fool
But It Just Occured to Me
It's Time To Raise Or Fist
Here We Go,We're Breakin' All The Rules


Nothin' Makes Me Feel Like This
I Need It All The Time
Got To Get It Or I'll Lose My Mind
Seen All The Metal Heads
Screamin' In The Night
Turn On The Lights To See What
We Will Find
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