My Name Is Breezy Lyrics

You just keep mixing me up.
First you're angry because you think
I'm trying to take advantage of you.
And now you're angry
because you think
I let Bruno take advantage of me.
Well, which is it?
Which am I?
Am I the dum-dum that got
taken last night or the b****
who's trying to take you tonight?

Your name's Frank, right?
Frank Harmon.
I, uh, I saw it on your mailbox.
My name's Breezy.

You gave me a ride
down the hill today.
And whether you like it or not,
that makes you a nice guy in my book

I gave you a ride because
I didn't want to leave you
hanging around my house.
But I'll tell you something,
I never woke up in the morning
and had to look at someone
that made me sorry that I was there.
But I bet you have.

I wouldn't let it get in your way
or anything.
And I wouldn't expect you
to feel anything back.

all this love that you give away,
just once, wouldn't you like
to have it returned?
would you mind very much
if I love you?
I just would like to be able
to say the words once in a while.

Don't you ever
want to be loved back?

I thought I was.

Hello, my love.

Hello, my life.

You know what?
I think I might love you
till the day I die.

I don't know. If we're lucky,
we might last a year.
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