"No Compromise"

NO COMPROMISE Lyrics by Manliftingbanner
Turn away from what you belive in
what(i thought) we shared
and what i still belive
i don`t see nothing
i don`t see any consistency
in that policy
yeah disillutions, sure i had them too
but were they good enough
a reason for you
the outset is still plan truth to me
no surrender to our enemy
So now you`re on the side of compromise
the side where victoy will never rise
settled for the score and nothing more
advancement trough an open door

This game, this easy-to-fit plan
does it make you feel like a better man
you gave up and changed for the worse
sell out as soon as the possibility occures
to wrongs you chose
but they didn`t make a right
prevaling to privilege
don`t care from what side
(can`t you see!)
their power never ceased to be
if we surrender now we`re history
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