Martina McBride

"Cry Cry ('til the Sun Shines)"

CRY CRY ('TIL THE SUN SHINES) Lyrics by Martina McBride
I know a girl, she was a waitress
Had a big spirit till she let her boyfriend break it
He always talked her down, he took her pride and kicked it 'round
Yeah, took it as long as she could take it
She left a note on the dresser, and hung up her apron
Cry, cry till the sun shines, baby
Cry, cry till the sun shines
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright, baby
I know a man who tried to ease his mind
Chase his regrets with any bottle he could find
Life cut him down so low, it took his pride and broke his soul, yeah
Till he forgave himself and let it go


We're all here just tryin' to live our lives
Payin' our electric bills and spendin' up our time
When there ain't a friend to be found
You can't break through the concrete clouds
When the rain, when the rain comes crashin' down
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