Mary Black

"Sparks Might Fly"

SPARKS MIGHT FLY Lyrics by Mary Black
I cannot stop this child from touching me
I see not fault in watching her bloom
She knows where fire begins and where sparks might fly
Yet I feel she may be consumed.
She done turns on the B stage
She shook hands when the shoe fit
I wanna know how the land lies
I'll let you in on a secret.

I did not steal away when love rode by
I did not let myself be unkind
It's so heard to say where love meets l***
I often think I'm losing my mind.

I trade notes with the press league
They send back their suggestions
I wanna know where I come from
But all I get are directions.

I can't get started, can't get pain
What's wrong?
Big ideas, the find intentions
They're all gone
It takes two flagons of courage
Pounds, shillings and pence
You wind up going nowhere
It doesn't make sense.
I see my brother's face grow dark with care
I spend my time avoiding his gaze
I pray that God might make his dreams come true
I'd give so much to feel he's been saved.

A bright spark in the playground
Dead loss as an anchor
You don't call him a misfit
He's just stuck for an answer.

Chorus (2)
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