Meek Mill

"I'm on One (Freestyle)"

I'M ON ONE (FREESTYLE) Lyrics by Meek Mill
I don't know what these haters be talkin, I pop any chick that I want
Put yo girl in back of that bach, main two reasons she ain't gone front
I menage with her and her friend, put my main homie on one
Boy my neck and wrist so stupid, and my pockets be on so dumb
Because I'm on one, haters we never condone em
Penthouse full of some bad b******, me and my homie gone shone some
It's MMG, ridin around is this Lambo
And I'm leanin of that purple s*** so judge me like your honor
OH! I'm feelin so cold, yea we ridin dirty but the whip clean
But think a couple years ago, I was in the cell when I was 18
And what's up with these new b******, and y they all wanna f*** so easy
And what's up with these new n*****, and y they all wanna talk so greasy
But get it while you here boy
Cause I got that money to make you disappear boy
It on my mind, don't make me put it on your head boy
I been super fly since Rozay took me to that clearport
n**** what you know about that
Ridin around town with like 4 or 5 straps
Trunk full of raw
And we dippin from the law
Just came from the cell I ain't goin right back
Pull up in the bent they ain't gone like that
Box these n***** they don't never fight back
Diamonds on my neck and my wrist white black
Killin these n***** I ain't even write that
N I be stuntin cause I ain't never had'
Got these b****** wavin like they tryna catch a cab
They wanna f*** a n**** good so they can touch a bag
She had the nerve to say she luv me and I f***** laughed
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