Meek Mill

"Real N***** Come First"

REAL N***** COME FIRST Lyrics by Meek Mill
[Intro: Omelly]
See real n***** come first cause we men of respect
And do what we want in these streets
And dope boys come second
Cause money make the m************ world go round
And fly n***** come third cause he might ain"t got no money
But he still can pull the baddest b**** in the building
We killing these streets n****
Treat the m************ Ghost like a Grand Marquis
Walk up with at least 20 deep and we order a feast

[Verse 1]
I come straight from the ghetto, I'm ballin hard as I wanna
And I'm thankful as ever that we ain't all on the corner
Got that death in the system, yeah the refs with the whistles
Cause these suckas is foul they disrespect us we hit em'
n***** claiming they real, they wrist and neck ain't official
They got me out in the field, a n**** back on his gristle
Going hard with them hammers my n***** all in the slammer
n***** want catch me slippin' but I don't walk on bananas
I'm out here strapped-er than velcro, and no I don't sell dough
But I spit that raw s***, it's like I sell c**e
Put one in your head n**** like right where the shell go
Got one in the chamber, yea we on point like an elbow
Bulletproof Range when I pull it shoot thangs
Hit em close range, let him feel the blue flame
Every month I buy a new car, a new chain
And I don't never f*** no b**my hoes that count they loose change
Real n**** come first (first) and dope boy come second (second)
Fly n**** come third and I keep birds all in my words (in my words)
I keep birds all in my words (and them people tapping my line man that s*** bad for my nerves)
Real b****** come first (first), bad b****** come second (second)
Freak b****** come third and I keep birds all in my words
I got Percs all in my system and apple juice in my syrup
And these suckers talkin this money s***, y"all n***** got some nerve

[Verse 2]
I try to keep my b****** all on lay away (lay away)
And if you f*** me good, you getting paid today (paid today)
This Aude on my wrist, it cost me 80k
And I ain"t got no ice in it, rollin out the light tinted
So these n***** see me (see me), sway em like graffiti (fiti)
I get what I wanna (wanna), like I own a genie (genie)
n***** hating on me (on me)
Know they wanna be me, at the table with my n*****, eatin' lobster & linguine
And that p**** smell like Fiji
Boy, I"ll just go swimming
Everything foreign from the porches to the women
I"m early in the morning, with the coca, trying to flip it
Nigas say they want the money but they don"t wanna go and get it
That"s why real n**** come first (first), dope boy come second (second)
Fly n**** come third and I was out there on that curb
With mailbox so close with me, I"m picture word that I"m worth
Talkin late nights you don"t play right, that kitchen wearin that work
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