Meek Mill

"Started From The Bottom"

[Verse 1]
Started from the bottom now we here
We were sellin' things full of strings, puppeteer
Started with a dollar now I'm jumping out the Lear
All my n***** behind me, you can find me in the air
In the car smokin' loud on my way to Mr. Chow's
I say: "ain't it funny now, n****, this bracelet's fifty thou"
He say he gon' hit me, how? I keep shooters all around me
Quicker-picker-up your b****, that p**** wet and I be Downy
I got all these haters frontin' just from lookin' at my pictures
Plottin' on my Instagram, they wanna follow me like Twitter
On my way home...
But I'mma hit her, did I mention, 30 grand'll get you gone
You'll come up missing 'cause my cake long
Where your real friends at?
Hold up, f*** that, n****, where your girlfriend at?
She probably in the VIP where all her girlfriends at
She know that you be hatin' on me and I still hit that, d***
You gon' need a green card for the Cuban link (ouch)
Cancel my account, I'll probably move the bank
When you see them hammers out you'd best not move a blink
FN57, f*** around, shoot through a tank
b****, shake that a**, go on, shake them t******
b****, shake that a** like you work at Magic City
I be bustin' bottles, ain't talkin' 'bout with Drizzy
Probably be with OVO and I be in Toronto city
With your fake a**, and your fake weave
Frontin' on a real n****, b**** say cheese
And put your flash on just to catch the ap
Diamonds thunderin' all in that b****, I call it KD
Hold up - hold up, wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished?
I popped twenty bottles, that was just a scrimmage
n****, you ain't ballin', you pop twenty and you finished
Got you f*****' up your re-up every time we in the building
'Cause we started from the bottom now we here
Sippin' Rosé with Rozay and it's Belaire
I signed with MMG and did it in a year
I started with a circle and I turned it to a square, ya dig?
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