Meek Mill

"The Ride"

THE RIDE Lyrics by Meek Mill
See when I do joints like these
I do it for the young'en in the ghetto
That you ain't go'n never hear his story cause he ain't gonna make it to tell ya
So you know what's crazy?
I went to court the other day, the D.A. say she hate me
How you gonna hate me when me and Lou just took 20 racks and put coats on them kids back?
It's 30 degrees outside
[Verse 1]
24, how could I ask for more?
I got my deals, gettin' real, I'm makin' cash fo' sure
Stuntin every chance I get because I had it poor
But every time I go to sleep I hear the devil at my door
And I'm on them papers so them courts im goin' back and forth
Dealing with probation, man they all said I'd come back for sure
Minds is turned to zombies from that raw because it's crack galore
You wonder why them babies runnin' crazy 'steady clappin' off
Gettin' life before they get p****
Cause ain't nobody love'em so they lives get took'en
Locked in cages, have'em fighting over cookies
And lunch trays, just happy them days ain't never killed 'em
Yea I remember, it was a hot December
n***** die on top of winter, cause them kids need them toys
Well Santa Claus don't see them boys
Or see the girls around here, there's Jack boys down stairs
No man with the big bag just man with the big gat
Try and take your s*** back cause he feel the world owe'em
And his daughter want a Barbie bike for Christmas, he gon show her
That the love is there, no mother there
Just her little brother there
We wash our pain with Belvedere and use the drugs they brought us here
We get high to get by
Hotdogs more rib buys with tears drip from red eyes
When ends don't meet the dead lines
The D.A. said she hate me but I don't understand
When I just rock the show in front of 50,000 fans
I think that b**** racist, she probably in a clan
She take her pain out on me, but she probably need a man
I took my mind from public housin', put it in the Styx
We came a long way from welfare and gettin W.I.C
That s*** just made me hungry
And now we gettin' rich, and all these n***** gettin' sick
I know they wanna get me hit cause im ballin'
Yea, cause im ballin'
It's like sometimes I always gotta let these type of joints go man, just speakin' to the streets
That b**** said she hate me
I felt some type of way about that
Last night we just came out giving 2/3 hundred pair of shoes to the schools
To the girls and the boys basketball teams
How you hate me?
You hate me cause I'm doin' what im suppose to do' and I got that money and im making more money than you?
Well, b**** you can hate me for that
Let's get it
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