Meredith Brooks

"Nobody's Home"

NOBODY'S HOME Lyrics by Meredith Brooks
She can talk for hours
Words don't cover the scars
She thinks she's crazy
But they've just pushed her too far
She runs to the mirror
Only savior she's known
Another slap on her face
'Cause nobody's home
Mother's always working
Slinging beer on the side
Her dad's watching TV
And he's still getting high
She knows he'll be waiting
Tryin' to get her alone
She hangs out on the corner
'Cause nobody's home
All she ever wanted
Was a place on this earth
She shouts for a savior
For anyone to hear her
All she ever needed
Was hope in a world
In a world where she feels all alone
'Cause nobody's home

She cries for attention
Hanging on by a thread
She can't stop the screaming
Going on in her head
Tears on the pillow
These are things she won't miss
Nothing to believe in
So it comes down to this
Blood on the mirror
Temptation is bliss
Pills on the table
She just couldn't resist
Now nobody's home

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