Miss Li

"Miss Li"

MISS LI Lyrics by Miss Li
I´m a little girl
trying to survive
in a psycho world
I was a spoiled child
and I am fighting every b***** day
to change my ego mind

I am evil
and I pay my friends to say
I´m loving, caring and so kind

and I´ve got a big mouth
and a heart full of s***
but I don´t care about it

cus I am Miss Li
yes that´s me
come on and catch me
set me free
yes, I am Miss Li
poor, poor me
I am so tragic
this is the real truth about me
I used to be blond and stupid
But now, I dye it dark
cus it makes you think I´m smart
yes I´m so ugly
and I wear all this make-up
cus it makes you think I´m cute

I´m so patethic
I am vein and wicked, self-loving
and rediculously naive

hell yeah, I´ve got a pair of big ones
but the truth is without support
they´re hanging down to my knees
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