"Dine With the Devil"

DINE WITH THE DEVIL Lyrics by Moksha
The beast that reigned in terror
Fed on human greed
Will not beat the power of a holy
Of a holy need
Hadn't a sleep since the war had begun
The sword in my shoulder had my blood on the run
The fondest of my dreams started slipping through the slit in my head
Had the passion of an angel, the strength of the sea
The wind around my castle, now it's cutting through me
The poison I'm breathing's got me tripping on the souls of the dead
Why does it always happen to me? (2)
Chorus: I think I'm gonna dine with the devil
Dine, Dine, Dine with the devil
I think I'm gonna dine with the devil
Pour poison in his wine

A feast of demons on the blood of the men
Who would fight, lose the battle, never fight it again
The eyes of the beast will be blinded when the king will arise
All the scars on my forehead the pain in my heart
Wouldn't get me to lose until I tear him apart
The strength of the sinner will be drowned in the voice of his cries
Why does it always happen to me? (2)
Repeat Chorus(solo)
Repeat Chorus (2)
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