Mount Eerie

"Dead of Night"

DEAD OF NIGHT Lyrics by Mount Eerie
I woke up in the dead of night
"Oh I die"
No light no shape no sound but I
"Oh I die"
I was wide-eyed but saw nothing
"Oh I die"
Kneeling down, feeling around
"Oh I die"
I felt the fur of something
"Oh I die"
In total dark I felt the sleeping thing of
"Oh I die"
From tail to claws, from neck to fangs
"Oh I die"
It was the black wolf they call nothing
"Oh I die"
And by its side I curled and lied
"Oh I die"
I died into sleeping soundlessly
"Oh I die"
When I woke there was nothing beside me of course
And the world was lit and growing
But I said "I know you're there. I feel your stare
I feel your breathing blowing.
See your mashing teeth and falling leaves
Your beady eyes and apples glowing
Oh dead of night hidden from sight
I know you are no dream
And I'm not dozing
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