Mount Eerie

"Voice in Headphones"

VOICE IN HEADPHONES Lyrics by Mount Eerie
I'll no longer hide it;
Yes you move me to tears over and over
Every time I get it settled you excite it
Every time I get my face dry you sing:
"It's not meant to be a strife,
It's not meant to be a struggle uphill"

Now I know I'll no longer fight it
"Come on in little floating head. The door"
Who are you? Who are you? Who has come to fill this room?
Well, come on welcome in.
I'll no longer hide it;
Yes the way you say it stirs me to the core
Every time, no matter what, no matter who I think you are
Every time I hear you say "undo", I do
And the tears fall, and the universe is shown
But who are you, voice in headphones?
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