My Enchantment


ENCHANTED Lyrics by My Enchantment
...And one day in a long time ago
There was a man that lived by his own
His name was Dale and he had a passion
To build the symphony of God was his mission
He had a magical flute in his hands
He had the knowledge to play it like no other man
He amused the people that heard his beautiful songs
And some of them had come in purpose from far beyond
Every day Dale walked through the village where he had born
Playing in the flute the melodies that he had learn
Dale played every day to please his god
"I must keep playing until he hears me"
He thought!
Listening to the music that Dale was playing
The Devil came outside to see the man that he was hearing
Disguised has an old man he spoke to him
"Are you the man that plays this beautiful song I ear?"
Dale said, "If you like it I will play it again"
But the old man putted a paper in Dale's hand
"If you have the knowledge to play this beautiful song
You won't regret to hear this melody so strong"

Dale looked to the paper it had notes on it,
Near them was an old aged rock where Dale would sit,
He putted the paper between his legs,
and the flute near his lips,
And so he begun to play the melody
that the devil brought from the deeps...
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