My Insanity

"The Core"

THE CORE Lyrics by My Insanity
Everyday we breathe the pain
Everyday this broken dreams
Only black and white exist
We sutler in reality
Systematic disconnection
Controlled by nobody else
Everybody does what they want
Everyone standing still

Liberate a godless virus
Spread in sinus frequencies
Microscopic overacting
We slipped out of our minds
So we'll repeat

This is the end of the world
This is the hell on earth
That's the right way
Everybody says

Alter all we cry?
Alter all we die?
Alter all we will survive?
It feels like a war
Where no-one helps
Hopeless to defend against it

We are the denying children
Digging our massive grave
To the core of planet earth
Tor a new ordered society

Hunting myself
See the humans run away with lifeless eyes
Everyone hates everyone
The deceptive peace is over now
Whispering to a god
Results a flash
In my mind
Has no more sense
No-one survives

We turn around in circles
A radius of lies
Schizophrenic anarchy
A sickness lull of purity

Panic everybody standing still
But still like slaves
Systematic disconnection
With stroboscopic hallucination
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